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Appearance:The wasp is slender and has a narrow waist. They are approximately 2 cm in length, the queen is much bigger though. Wasps are dark red/brown to black in color with yellow markings. The nests they build are normally small and light brown that look like a comb and facing downward.

Description: The wasp is a type of worker bee also known as a paper wasp. After you eliminate a nest they just start building a new one elsewhere or sometimes even in the same location as before. You can commonly find their nests in the eaves of your home, in attics, or just outside attached to any kind of structure. Also commonly found nesting on things like decks, balconies, and on fences. Wasps do sting but there venom isn’t as toxic, only the female wasps can sting though. The wasp feeds off of things like other insects, grubs, and spiders.