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Avoiding Bee Stings

January 5, 2014 by admin  
Filed under Pest Control Newsletters

Being stung by a wasp, or a bee is never fun and can those that are allergic can be fatal.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent bee-ing stung;

  • Be careful what foods you eat outdoors. They are attracted to sugary foods and drinks.
  • Don’t wear perfumes or colognes.  Basically, don’t smell like a flower as the smell is an attractant.
  • Avoid wearing floral prints.  Don’t look like a flower either. This is why bee technicians wear white bee suits.
  • Keep your car windows rolled up.
  • Rinse your garbage and recycling cans and keep the lids on them.

These are just a few helpful hints to try and prevent bee stings.  Bees, wasps, yellow jackets become aggravated the most when someone disturbs or destroys their home.  Identifying a wasp, bees or yellow jackets;

HONEY BEES– 1/2 inch long and usually yellow, with 3-5 dark brown abdominal bands.  Have 2 pairs of wings and leaves stinger inside once it stings.

WASPS–2/3-3/4 in long, variety of colors and shapes, hairy, can sting more than once but not repeatedly; only females have stingers, and have several pair of eyes. Commonly found under eaves.

YELLOW JACKETS-5/8 -1 inch long, black and yellow or black and white, they fold their wings lengthwise when at rest, yellow or white on the face, and sting repeatedly without stopping and can bite.  Yellow jackets are the most aggressive.  Usually nest in the ground.

Bug Zappers Pest Control can remove wasps, yellow jackets or honey bees swarms safely, without putting you at risk for stings.  Whether they are in the ground, in a hole, under eaves, in the chimney, trees etc, Bug Zappers Pest Control will zap them all dead. All of our technitions are highly trained and equipped to efficiently and safely treat any stinging pest.

We are also one of the only companies around that will actually remove the honey comb that over time honey bees can produce.  Just by removing the colony and keeping the honey can continue to attract new bees to it.

Leave it to Bug Zappers Pest Control to handle all of your stinging pest control needs. Give us a call or Click to Chat today to schedule your appointment.  Same day appointments are available.


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